• WL- 2011 FFP2 maszk

WL- 2011 FFP2 maszk

  • Gyártó: Rewear
  • Cikkszám: WL- 2011
  • Készlet információ: 980
  • 2 661 Ft

  • Nettó: 2 095 Ft

Ennek a terméknek a minimális rendelési mennyisége 20 db

Filtering half mask WL- 2011, filter class FFP2.

With a thermal seam which is rim of the half mask and an exhaust valve installed, this ensures very low breathing resistance. The mask only covers those parts of the face that need protection, so you still have freedom of movement and you have full visibility. This filter half mask uses elastic straps to put on the head. Reinforced on the nose. Protects the respiratory system against the effects of dust if the total concentration of the dispersed aerosol phase does not exceed 10 times of MAC (Maximum Admissible Threshold

The half mask is disposable.

Particularly useful during renovation, construction, agricultural, manufacturing, food and wood industries.

For use for a period of not more than one work shift (8 hours).

CE cat.III EN 149:2001+A1:2009

Packaging: 20pcs./box, 240pcs./carton

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